Our Guiding Principles for Safe Scooting

There is a perception that eScooter riders are unskilled, thrill-seeking, untrained, unlicensed, fun-seeking, riders on murder machines...yes, these terms have actually been used about eScooter riders, in official Toronto Infrastructure committee meetings (we’re not making this up!) Infrastructure Committee April 28, 2021

  • We share the roads with cars and other micromobility vehicles
  • We value the safety of pedestrians
  • We never ride, always dismount and walk, on sidewalks
  • We wear helmets
  • We do not scoot distracted - on the phone or listening to music

Share the Road:  Just like bicycles, eScooters share the roads with cars and, where possible, ride in bike lanes.

Pedestrian Safety:  To ensure the safety of both the rider and pedestrians, eScooter riders follow the rules of the road and stop at cross walks and never ride on sidewalks.

Rider Safety: Always wear a helmet when riding, and ideally use other protective gear, such as gloves, goggles, and proper footwear. Being aware of your surroundings at all times is critical, this includes hearing noises around you - and not wearing earbuds or a headset.

Distracted Scooting: It is common sense that it is safer to scoot when not distracted. There are laws for this when operating a motor vehicle, riders should follow this same protocol when scooting.

Impaired Scooting: If this isn’t totally obvious, then you shouldn’t ride a scooter and put your life - and those around you, at risk.