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Legalize eScooters in Toronto

City Council has voted against legalizing eScooters in Toronto and opted out of the Provincial pilot program. To change their minds, and their vote, we need your help.

About ScootSafe

We are a grassroots, motley-crew collective of micro-mobility device enthusiasts whose objective is for the city of Toronto to embrace eScooters and join the provincial pilot program for personal/private eScooter use.

Micromobility is now

Micromobility devices, like eScooters, are transformational and have the potential to make a city more accessible, equitable, and available to all. We want Toronto to legalize the use of private eScooters, join the Ontario provincial eScooter Pilot program and collaborate with us to ensure the safe, responsible and diligent adoption of scooters in Toronto.

eScooter Rider Stories

Real stories, from actual eScooter riders, sharing how these micromobility devices have impacted their lives, and livelihoods

Rachal C.

When Rachel could no longer ride the bus or walk because of pain caused by cancer treatments, she turned to and electric scooter.  The mobility reopened her world to many of the things lost... (Read More)

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Tay and Neil M.

We are an older generation of riders (former car owners) and love the freedom that our scooters give us. This will be our third summer using them.  Retired for a few years now, our lifestyle centres on our family, our neighbourhood and our city. We have no need for a car, and no longer own one. When the journey is further than our feet will take us, our scooters are our preferred means of transport... (Read More)

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Corinne S.

During Covid, Corinne starting walking much more, as she uncomfortable taking public transit. The added strain and stress on her feet, she ended up getting painful heel spurs and couldn't walk comfortably anymore. In doing some research, she found that eScooters were an affordable, safe and an accessible means of transportation for her. She also found that they are easier to manage than a bicycle - lower profile than a bike, easier to carry and store at home. Corinne now rides her scooter for errands, to visit friends and avoid pubic transit during the pandemic... (Read More)

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Woman standing beside a bird scooter

Kiera H.

Kiera uses her scooter to visit friends around the city.   Purchased during the pandemic, she say "I've used the scooter to avoid the TTC and keep myself safe and healthy while still being able to visit the other household in my bubble"... (Read More)

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Scooter on the Beach

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At Scoot Safe, we believe this is a unique opportunity for the city of Toronto to embrace disruptive technology, pioneer its safe and accountable roll-out, collaborate with accessibility groups to address and overcome legitimate concerns, and ultimately, be the benchmark and best practice, globally, for the safe, accessible and responsible eScooter rider programming.

We know this won’t be easy. That’s why we’re here. And that's why we need your support.

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In order to convince city council to vote in support of joining the provincial eScooter pilot program, our goal is to collect 10,000 signatures.

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