Rachal C.

I have suffered all of my life with chronic migraine. It has made me to scared to ever drive a car. Instead I used to always walk or take busses without a problem. 

In 2017, at the age of 38, I found out I had breast cancer. My treatment took a year and a half and left me with many disabilities. I have nerve and muscle problems that don’t allow me to walk too far without my feet and legs burning and extreme exhaustion for days afterwords. My husband and I had to stop all of our long walks together and I could no longer walk everywhere I wanted to go. Instead I had to wait until my husband was home to drive me. 

In 2020, I saw electric kick style scooters and thought it would help me get around. I ended up buying an Apollo City. My husband loved it so much he bought one a month later. Having electric scooters have changed our lives for the better! We can scooter together long distances without my legs and feet burning and we have a blast together on our outside trips. Something we missed so much.

Last year, since covid shut everything down, we spent our anniversary scooting to a park and having a safe picnic, just the 2 of us, and scooted back home. It was amazing! I was so happy to enjoy the outdoors with my husband on our anniversary. I would not have been able to make the trip otherwise.

I can also go to the store and run little errands now without consequence and no longer have to wait for my husband or the bus. I have some freedom and independence back again!

We live in an apartment building, so the e-scooter is great to keep in our small home. It folds down and can be kept out of the way.

I really do hope these handy e-scooters are not banned as I don’t want my freedom and independence taken from me again when I just got it back! There are people like me that need these devices for a quality of life. I can’t imagine my life without one now.